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Final cup

Monday, May 11th, 2015

I wrote a short catalogue text recently for The Sensorial Object. One of the artists in the exhibition was Funda Susamoglu, whom I was lucky enough to have as a student on the MA Ceramics course in Cardiff, between 2008 and 09. Her work is wonderful.

Funda lives and works in Ankara and, having given up on contacting David Abram, I thought she might be able to get me a direct contact for Nuri Bilge Ceylan – the last ‘Turkish’ cup was still ungifted. Turns out Funda did have a contact at the gallery where Nuri had an exhibition of photographs.

Having applied for a lecturing job, I’d been thinking about teaching a lot – about the creative to and fro between tutor and student. It’s never, of course, a one-way relationship and I know I learned as much from Funda as she from me. So, despite having drafted my letter to NBC, I decided to change course and give the cup to Funda instead. The world was telling me to do it and I’d have been foolish not to listen, as the response makes clear:

The Turkish cup is beautiful! I loved it! dowdy pretty and heavy, the two pinch on the handles makes it so nice to hold.