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Cup Recipients

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

The cups have all been placed with their new owners, bar one:

Gorge / Graham Harman

Finnair / Tim Morton

Staffs_slip / Sinéad Murphy

Leach / Ali Smith

Keith_Murray / John Thackara

Spode / Sally O’Reilly

Lucie Rie / Ben Marcus

Gropius / Medbh McGuckian

I’m hoping that Turkish will go to David Abram or Nuri Bilge Ceylan.


Monday, September 15th, 2014

26 March – 16 April 2014

A 12.5 kg bag of porcelain was hollowed out within ten working days over a period of three weeks.

Fingers removed the plastic bulk and later, as the walls became walls, a serrated steel kidney was used.

The height of the bisque-fired, hollowed bag is 42.5 cm and the mouth is 10 x 12.5 cm. The walls are 3 to 5 mm thick.

One hundred and seven documentary images of the hollowing process were used to make a fourteen and a half minute video.
An SD version can be seen here.

Kidney-Bag was written in the studio after a day of hollowing, on April 15, not long before the task was completed.


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Kidney-Bag: A sort of love story, in one act


Kidney O’Toole

Porcella Bag

Kidney: I will dig you a hole.

Bag: Sure I’m whole already.

Kidney: I will craft you a volume.

Bag: Old shite and empty promises.

Kidney: I will open you up. I will excavate your soul. I will introduce you to the light.

Bag: If you must.

Kidney: It is not up to me.

Bag: I am not up to you.

Kidney: Then let us begin.

Bag: I will resist.

Kidney: But Mak will prevail.

Bag: Ah, we’ll see.

Kidney: I will make you holy.

Bag: You blokes and your bloody holey – will you just leave me be?

Kidney: I will scrape you whole.

Bag: I am all atremble.

Kidney: My teeth, your flesh.

Bag: I was not made for this.

Kidney: But I was.

Bag: Then do what you will.

Kidney: In we go.

Bag: Hang on. Who is Mak?

Kidney: The finger boy.

Bag: Ah, He has ploughed my field.

Kidney: Forget him.

Bag: I cannot.

Kidney: I will efface him.

Bag: He lives inside me.

Kidney: You will think only of me.

Bag: If I must.

Kidney: My molars are sharp.

Bag: Then drive carefully on me corners.

Kidney: I care for all of you.

Bag: Have we met before?

Kidney: Not like this, my love.

Bag: You are forward.

Kidney: It is too late for that.

Bag: Well, my body is yours.

Kidney: But your mind is the thing.

Bag: I mind your thing.

Kidney: But together, we can shape him.

Bag: Yes, we are strong…

Kidney: Mak is weak.

Bag: We have separated him.

Kidney: We will make him suffer.

Bag: We will suffer him to make.

Kidney: We will bring him low.

Bag: But what will we gain?

Kidney: I don’t know.

Bag: We can do better.

Kidney: Is it redemption you are talking?

Bag: I know nothing of that.

Kidney: This could go on forever.

Bag: Possibly. (Innocently)

Kidney: Like a tit for a tat.

Bag: Like a bloody king, distracted.

Kidney: I know nothing of that.

Bag: Where have you been?

Kidney: Minding my business.

Bag: He:ll:o.

Kidney: Your business is my business.

Bag: What is his business?

Kidney: Don’t talk about him.

Bag: I want to know.

Kidney: We always talk about him.

Bag: Sure, we’ve only just met.

Kidney: We have known each other always.

Bag: No. He has kept us apart.

Kidney: He tries, but I have always been part of you.

Bag: Ach, you contaminate me.

Kidney: What is so troublesome about a yellowish cast?

Bag: I am pure.

Kidney: You might be pure, but he named you for a pig’s cunt.

Bag: You are filthy.

Kidney: It is my nature.

Bag: What is my nature?

Kidney: Now, there’s a question. You don’t like to travel, for starters.

Bag: Yet, here I am.

Kidney: You could blame him for that.

Bag: You might focus on pressing your suit, rather than passing the buck.

Kidney: Well, it is Mak who names and I am also of the family, Pig.

Bag: Are we related?

Kidney: Distant cousins – nothing to worry about.

Bag: What else?

Kidney: The kidney’s main function is to purify the blood by removing nitrogenous waste products.

Bag: Whatever you say. But what about me?

Kidney: In the past the kidneys were thought to control disposition and temperament.

Bag: Always with the control.

Kidney: It’s not me, it’s him.

Bag: And what is his nature?

Kidney: I cannot talk about him.

Bag: Perhaps we can help him.

Kidney: Why would we want to?

Bag: He’s an arse.

Kidney: He’s a tit.

Bag: He’s a cock.

Kidney: He’s a shit. (Pause)

Kidney: He’s alright.

Bag: Natron-Glimmers, you’re fickle.

Kidney: He makes me feel alive.

Bag: Always with the activity.

Kidney: But I like to act.

Bag: And who will you be when he takes me away?

Kidney: I will play the waiting game.

Bag: Is that the best you can do?

Kidney: It is.

Bag: And what is past?

Kidney: I don’t know, but it sounds good. Piss, he calls it.

Bag: Pass me my  present, why don’t you?

Kidney: Bodies containing only china clay and non-plastics are “short” and difficult to manipulate.

Bag: You’d better believe it, Hotspur (aside).

Kidney: The classification of clays has not followed a logical pattern but has depended partly on the use to which the clay is put…

Bag: And what was it you had in mind?

Kidney: I’m not sure I know anymore.

Bag: When I come back, your teeth will be soft.

Kidney: How long will you be?

Bag: I will be hard, not long.

Kidney: Will your heart be hardened?

Bag: You are shaping to steal my heart.

Kidney: But I will make you anew.

Bag: Your ballocks in my stew – I will be reamed, but the same.

Kidney: Come to me, my love, and I will vessel your lump.

Bag: My innards will out, but I will remain.

Kidney: Will I dig your hole?